Maid Right Offers Veterans Incentives To Start Their Own Cleaning Businesses

Maid Right honors our military veterans and their service by offering them special incentives to start their own residential cleaning businesses. The Maid Right business model relies on many of the same skills and disciplines learned in military training, making it a perfect, low cost way for veterans to start up and to grow a businesses of their own.

One of our Maid Right business owners who cleans a set of homes in Charlotte, describes how our approach worked for him.  He says, “My mother first taught me to clean, but the Marine Corps taught me how to hone those skills. Because of that training Maid Right has made it possible for me to realize my dream of being a successful business owner.”

At Maid Right, we help first-time business owners achieve those same dreams for their families.  For Veterans, this can be a good transition for someone who has recently left military service or for others who have been working in the cleaning services industry already. For as little as $1,600*, Maid Right offers veterans the chance to start their own business without having to go at it alone.

Maid Right makes it easy for first-time business owners. We provide the clients, initial equipment, support, and the training you need to get started. All you need to do is provide great customer service.

With over $50 Billion in annual sales according to Market Data on the U.S. Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services Research, the franchise cleaning industry represents a service business with good future growth potential. If you’re a veteran and looking to invest in your future and become your own boss, a Maid Right residential cleaning franchise might just be the perfect way to invest in your financial and professional future. Special additional Maid Right incentives are available to qualifying ex-military personnel.

There are franchises available across the country waiting for your leadership. Simply find a location, decide how much you want to invest and grow, and Maid Right will handle the rest. Even better, we’ll supply customers to get you started so you can begin earning right away.

At Maid Right, no experience is required – just the determination, pride, and strong work ethic that veterans exude every day. To learn more about our unique VetConnection program and why Maid Right could be ‘your next mission’ please email us today at

*In U.S. market