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Put a Full-Court Press on Organizing Your Garage

If your garage is anything like mine, it bulges with boxes of old trophies, school memorabilia, paint cans, garden supplies, coolers, and just about anything you can imagine, barely leaving room for one car to park. With the spring rites of renewal, there’s no time like the present to organize everything you need for home projects with extra room for two cars. Maid Right house cleaners and de-clutter guru Peter…

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Trim Up Your Home and Your Waistline

With short days and cold temperatures, it can be challenging to get enough exercise to stay in shape. If you are snow bound for a day or more, there are many ways to stay active while inside your home. This can be an ideal time to contact Maid Right to deep clean your home. With a partner to help you with house cleaning an area of the home, it doesn’t…

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Maid Right Helps Families Stay Healthy

Since flu season lasts until March, it’s important to remember a few tips to keep your home clean and protected.  Maid Right uses a powerful disinfectant that protects even hard to reach areas of your home without leaving any residue. If you are tired, achy, and have chills, you may have the flu. It’s important to stay home in bed.  Avoid hugging family members. Remember to drink lots of fluids,…

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